25 things you probably already know but were afraid to ask

1. I love Cheryl Miller!  (Wait does that one count? It is supposed to be about me!)
2. I like to write- although never do.  I’ve written one book, 3 plays and a musical all unpublished as of today.
3. I sleep on the right side of the bed.
4. I have 12 step addiction to the Food Network
5. I’m painfully shy in groups but very friendly one on one.
6. I’ve done community theatre in Reading, Allentown and Ephrata
7. I’ve stage managed about 20 plays in my life time
8. I play piano, guitar, bass and make mini-movies.
9. I was in a band (it’s name- “Neverwuz”)
10. For 5 years I ate an everything omelet with garlic power drenched over it at work for breakfast
11. I’m tougher on myself than anyone
12. I’m contently thinking of great things that will never discover the light of day.
13. I have a lump on my nose that appeared after my grandfather died.  (He had such a lump in the same spot removed in the 80s after they thought it cancerous)
14. I am bi-polar
15. I go out of my way to help my friends
16. My cat Audrey likes to lay at my feet at night
17. I feel I should have done better in life.
18. I crave constant attention
19. I love to cook
20. I have trouble letting go of personal or family things
21. I never smoked weed
22. I didn’t smoke until I was 35
23. I moved out of my parents house at 27
24. I have breakfast with my parents every Sunday.
25. I own a tri-corner hat, rubber hand, and a bullshit button.