penguinI’m hoping you aren’t living anywhere in the United States right now.  There is shot of bitter cold that is pumping down some artic air.  “It is colder here than in Alaska.”  I’ve heard that more than a few times cowering in front of my LED TV screen watching the news.  On a side note, does anybody remember when TV’s used to put out heat?  But, I digress.  I am reminded of one winter in my parent’s home in Old Bridge.  I’m not sure when it was, or what was going on, but there was some really fucking cold.  Wall of plastic sheets were placed between the rooms, and kind of resembled, in both cold and plastic, a little like a meat locker.  There was one, small electric space heater in the room fighting off the impending ice chill.  I think now, that they were in the process of upgrading the electric floor units out in the enclosed car port, but don’t quote me on that.  I, a small child, was vanquished to this icy room to play.  Again, I’m still sketchy about why I would be playing with my little toy army tank, bundled in clothing, in this room, but I’m not about to ask history.  It was cold, and huge blankets were employed when we snuggled in for sleep.  Back then, I recall, there was talk of record breaking cold.  I just remember that we weren’t allowed to go outside, and more importantly, they called off school.

As an adult, I’m still waiting for them to call off work, but working at a hospital that will ever happen.   But I can hope.  I can just take the day off, but it’s not as fun.  Two degrees! Two degrees was what my car told me this morning.  With fingers crossed and my foot firmly planted on the clutch, I started my car this morning.  She sputtered and choked, but finally combusted as it should.  I remember my first car, a Mercury Topaz, wouldn’t start below twenty degrees. “Click, click,” would be her response to me turning the key.   I didn’t even bother trying after a while.  I just waited for it to get above twenty.   I suppose the one good thing is it stops me from going outside for a smoke.   Too cold!  Not that I’m a big smoker anyway, maybe one or two a day at the most.  There are may places that have it colder than me, and I am grateful I don’t have to deal with it.

One good thing about the cold is its good for snuggling, if you have that extra special someone to snuggle with.  Kim is away, but I get a lot of snuggling from my cat Audrey.  It was just a couple of weeks ago she was laying on me, and it felt like she was on fire, she was so hot.  Now I look forward to her cuddling up, in Kim’s absence, but I’d rather have Kim, the real thing.   I have one of those electric heaters that look like a fire place in my apartment.  It’s good to crank that thing up and lay close, in times like these.   Damn the electric bill, full heat ahead.

Whatever you do to keep warm can’t be bad, in times like this.  Just keep warm!