Successfully Alienating People Since 2006

ejeisman- seriousI’ve been writing for a long time now, but it wasn’t until 2006, when I started blogging. Back then it was on Yahoo, and I was married going through a renaissance.  I had started my own band, and I started spending more time away from the family unit in pursuit of who I really am.   I’ve always been creative; at least that’s what I’d like to call it.  When was in my teens, I thought I would be the next Sam Shepard or Arthur Miller because I was churning out plays.  None of which I showed anyone.  I was too…scared of rejection and what other people think.  Then I wrote a musical farce, No One Gives a Damn, with my high school friend.   I researched, and found that a new playwright should work up.  I started sending copies of it to a bunch of colleges that were looking for new material.  After many rejections, mostly because they were looking for drama rather than a musical farce, I got the idea from one professor that actually liked it, but thought it would be “hell to produce.”  I did start on another farce musical; I still have the music for it, The Unexpurgated New York Birthday, which I have stuffed in my coffers, somewhere, unfinished.  It wasn’t until I started to blog, that I got the writing bug back.  I wrote a play called, Dogs on a Porch, about several middle aged guys blinded by jealousy over their co-worker divorcing his wife and getting a pretty young thing for his arm.  They are all sitting at a bar gawking at the hot waitresses at a bar, and making rude comments to among themselves.  I’m thinking of moving it to a short story format, though.  I’ve started the move while I was in edits for Malaise last year, but left it on the shelf to work on later.  In 2007, I started my first novel, Malaise, which I finally edited and it was published in August of last year.   It was my blogs though, that made me taste the first critical response.   I was able to make friends and influence people with my jovial humor and my witty repartee while dealing with the falling apart of my marriage.  I got a nice following, until Yahoo stopped the blogging.  It wasn’t until 2012 that I picked up my own website, that I started blogging again.  More recently I’ve been able to post more often, as I’ve had the inclination to tell you what I’m thinking, whether good, bad, or indifferent.   I’m setting the goal to have at least two blogs a week for 2014, despite what people think.  I’ve taken the opinion that I’ve got to be me; one way or another.   I’m also continuing on Mainline or Mariline, the title depending on the outcome of the third draft of Mainline, a novel I started in 2011.  I hope to have it to the publisher sometime this year.  The concept of Mainline is that the main characters are all guilty of some murder, accidentally or otherwise; some have been punished by their actions, some haven’t.   Others are just evil.  I’m trying to pack it full of people doing really bad shit and getting away with it, and still you want to root and sympathize for the characters.  It should be fun.  I’m looking forward to getting it published.

For you, my friends, I wish you all the best this year.  I’m looking forward to a kick-ass, take no prisoners year!