Thought between commercials

Audrey and I are sitting home alone disgusted with the shows on TV.  Yes, it’s true that House is on but I like it better when I can DVR and zip through the commercials.  Well anyway, this sitting home has got me thinking and I’ve come up to the conclusion that I’ve been giving up one of my rights here.  For years I’ve really come to speak through the written word and now that I haven’t been writing, I guess I really haven’t had much to say.  No- I’ve had a lot to say but I just haven’t been saying it.  In the early days I felt I had a lot to say and thus blogging my little heart out on YAHOO 360.  I felt also that people were reading and that in itself was my encouragement.  Now with all the different avenues for people to read and ingest information I’m feeling lost in the crowd.  Why blog when 100’s of other people could say it better, smarter and worst of all funnier?  Where is the motivation?  I thought the last year and a half would have given me all the time to write.  It has.  I just haven’t used it.