stormy sky

Sunday I was lying in bed hearing the pitter-patter of rain on the roof, feeling like blah, and wondering how anyone could be excited about that.  I find it all depressing, rain, humidity, black clouds in the sky blocking the sun from getting through.  I’ve had friends that were excited about clouds and rain.  It really has to make you think about them, doesn’t it?  Maybe it’s because of the way my parents raised me?  “No playing in puddles, keep out of the mud, don’t get wet, stay inside, keep away from windows because lightning might hit you.  Stay off the phones, because lightning travels through the telephone lines.   Stay out of the shower because it’s a target for lightning.  Turn off the air conditioner because, if the power goes off, you don’t want the air conditioner to come back on line in mid-cycle.”  I’ve been programed to be afraid of the rain.  It’s build in to my psyche.    I have no choice to be unhappy.  It’s my parent’s fault!   There is nothing as sad the sad face of a child pressed against a window when it’s raining.  Hopes dashed.  Anyway it used to be that way when I was a child.  Now, it’s just more time to watch TV and play video games.

What is rain for anyway; for those greedy little plants, trees, and flowers!  They have their time in the spring to get the water they need.  Summer is for humans, for the beach, for sun, and those little buddings just have to suck it up.  I deal with two months of rain in the spring; can’t I just get some sun?  How dare they spoil my summer, particularly, for the “last weekend” for summer!  They say the week is going to be hot and sticky this week, oh great!  I love me some hot and sticky weeks.  <eyeroll>  Maybe I should make a blanket statement here?  Yes, it’s been a moderate summer this year, and I shouldn’t be bitching, since the winter here was so harsh, but we did have hail.  In Pennsylvania!   I lived in NJ for sixteen years, and I saw hail once.  Just once!   I didn’t expect to see hail for the rest of my life, and it’s here.  WTF!  OK.  Twice in a life time is too much.  I don’t know how others deal with it on a yearly basis.  I guess they deal with it the same way we deal with mounds of snow and blankets of ice in the winter.  Weather is not fair, but it’s balanced or should be balanced; warm and sunny in the west, the northwest has rain, the south is dry and warm, and the east is temperate.  Yes, temperate; we see the sun, the rain, the snow, the heat, the cold, the wind.  We get it all, so there is no reason to have extremes in weather.   No hail!  I don’t want to see it.

I could live in the northwest where it’s raining all the time.  I suppose I should be glad.  I remember a neighbor telling me, she previously lived in Minnesota, that when the sun came out, it was party time and they dragged out the bar-bar-q, since it happened so frequently.   I need sun.  I count on sun.  I need the vitamin D it produces in my body.   Give me sun, or give me partly cloudy!  Weather has no excuses!