Reality Stranger than Fiction

What your opinion is about the afterlife or paranormal?  As a writer I am drawn to it as another facet of the one’s lifespan, what happens when you die?  Where does your energy go? What can you do with it?

Kim and I spend the weekends binge watching Ghost Adventures.  It was about February of this year (2021) that she noticed the sound of my piano keyboard tinkling in the early mornings before I awoke.  I assured her that I had turned it off and there was no way for it to make noise by itself.  But the random playing of notes, first two, then with time passing, five as it was working its way up, piqued our interest.

To give you some background on the house, we have experienced some unexplainable things.  Two that stand out: a clock and a wine glass.  The heavy clock lifted itself off the hook that it had been solidly placed and deposited itself in the kitchen. Falling off the wall, one would think it would have dented or scratched the hardwood floors, but not this.  I heard the noise when Kim was out, and I thought it was just Kim returning.  I was upstairs and thought she had dropped something.  Later, when she returned asked about the clock. The good old sturdy hook was still in solidly in the wall. There were no scratches on the floor below or where it would have had to roll (it is round) and continue into the kitchen some 30 steps, hit the stove and then swizzle around like a coin till it planted itself.

The wine glass is a different matter.  Both of us were home.  Kim was standing at the refrigerator with the freezer door open and we heard a noise.  A drop.  Closing the door she found a upside-down top heavy goblet slid from the rack, do a full summersault and land on its base in a tray between a chip bag and a jar of peanuts.  It wasn’t placed there.  It landed there on its own.  A one in a million shot or it was done with some help.  In the previous house Kim and I have watched a sneaker shoot out of a basket and into the hallway as if it were propelled.  The piano playing is nothing new.

I’ve already had some of my own issues with the keyboard before Kim started hearing it playing notes.  While I play, it will suddenly bang the F# key extremely loud as if a child were trying to get my attention.  It’s a loudness that even I can’t create because I don’t have the volume up that high.  It doesn’t do it all the time.  It doesn’t do it when I hit the key. One of the first times I noticed it, I was playing Here Comes the Sun, and I hesitated. Like a teaching correcting me, it hit the F# which was the note I was to play next had I remembered quickly enough.  The curious thing about this is that my grandfather had an electric organ which I learned to play on.  As the years took toll on it the F key in all octaves stopped sounding like an organ and sounding more like static.  The moment it started happening I immediately thought of that.

It can all be explained. There could be a short in the keyboard.  It could have been just a lucky drop for the wine glass. There might have been some external rumbling that caused the clock to jump 3/8” off the hanger and roll across floor or maybe there is something else afoot.  Well, for a writer, there is always a challenge for more knowledge. The more you know the more you can write about.  As my novels tend to spend time in the spirit world, I thought I chase the ghosts in my home, but what I found, I don’t think I would ever be prepared for. Stay tuned for more to come….