Summer is a Girl

Summer is a girl

Who appears in June

And is of the longest days

And shortest crazy nights.

Summer is a girl

Of parades, fireworks

Of dog days and back to school

Of hot sweltering nights

Humid and unsleeping fights

Of Thunder and rain,

Hail and bore out of

Winter’s laboring pain.

Of starry skies

And drinking fires

Of flies and gnats

And baseball caps

Of roaring waves

Of sand and sun

And rollercoaster fun

Of Panama hats

And thigh length shorts

Of smile and wave

And red wine ports

That leaves you with the autumn breeze

And the fall of the red, yellow and brown leaves

Summer is a woman

That will won’t return

From death

Till winter is through

Until the spring rain has gone

And phoenix season has reborn again

Summer is a girl

Whose left some of her

With you.