Girl, Friend

GirlFriend novel cover Girl, Friend: Rodger Atkins, an ex-boy band member from the eighties, is thrust into international intrigue in Key West after he goes broke, befriends a local bookshop keeper and his friend is assassinated. Stopping World War Three is maybe just another day at work for some people, but for Rodger, it’s the key to his keeping him out of jail.

Spoon Girl

spoon_girl_right_angle Spoon Girl:A dying Pulitzer Prize nominated, pseudo-famous, alcoholic novelist, Jonathan “Jack” McVoy, collaborates with his nurse, Jane Powers, from his bedside to complete his last book. Spoon Girl tell the troubles of a struggling writer who uses his new novel Spoon Girl (a lover/friend/drinking buddy he met while teaching a creative writing class) to work through his issues of love and loss.Available now at and


Mariline: A twenty-two-year-old hit-and-run comes into sharp focus when eight-year-old Emily Rosenberg is kidnapped from nanny Carol on the mainline of Philadelphia. Lieutenant Benike, the original detective on the first case, and his team follow the clues that lead to uncovering secrets, deception, obstruction, conspiracy, and murder in their race to catch the kidnapper before Emily becomes their latest victim. Everyone has baggage. NOW IN EDITING!


Malaise-right-angle- authorhouse Malaise: Jonathan is a mere human. He stumbles into the emotional comfort of his wife’s sister, Joan, in the fallout, many years after an “emotional affair” with his co-worker, Simone. Claire, Jonathan’s wife, has her own secrets. Her controlling ways push Jonathan away, while she pulls him back to keep their relationship together. His marital bounds are tested when Simone returns, eight years later, to be a friend and to see if their relationship would have worked. Humorous and dark, sad and complex, Malaise wanders through the life of Jonathan and his women, as he searches for love and peace in his emotionally barren world. A prequel to Spoon Girl. Available now at and