Fall In love again...
A dying Pulitzer Prize nominated, pseudo-famous, alcoholic novelist, Jonathan "Jack" McVoy, collaborates with his nurse, Jane Powers, from his bedside to complete his last book. Spoon Girl tells the troubles of a struggling writer who uses his new novel of the same name to work through his issues of lost love.
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Unique at its Best
from DeNisa Howe, re-posted from Amazon.com,
4 Stars

This was a unique book with complex likeable characters. Not a quick I know the ending writing but one you have to finish and can't wait to fit all the pieces together. A enjoyable read and one I will add to my library.

Stays with You
Review from MaryAnn K., Florence, WI, reposted from Amazon.com,
5 Stars

It's the kind of book that will stay with you for days as you wonder about what it says about human nature, society, and the future of society. A quiet, sorrowful, deeply moving exploration of the powers of empathy and the obligations of love. Not only do the characters develop but the author also develops as descriptions, sceneries and environments become more descriptive and exact. Definitely worth reading and re-reading.

Eisman is one of those rare writers who can craft stories as meaningful as they are enticing.

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About the author
EJ Eisman has been writing since his teens and draws heavily from his own experiences and the storytelling qualities handed down from his family. In his spare time, Eisman is also a musician, artist, playwright, actor and filmmaker.

He lives in the green rolling hills of Reading, Pa., with his gray long hair cat named Audrey (Hepburn).
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