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Tactics to Speak and Write Proper English 1

Guest blog by Erik Decesaro

“Whether you work in a field that requires you to learn English, or instead are planning a visit to an English-speaking country, you will need to find a method for how to learn to properly speak and write English. Many students are taught the basics in school, but over time, it’s easy to forget what you have learned if you haven’t practiced. There are many different methods to pick up English skills that you have forgotten, or even start from scratch with a basic beginner’s course. To begin with, you should take a placement course to figure out what level you are currently at.

Try to identify and correct mistakes when writing in English – articles, verb tenses.

Practice speaking English non-stop as this is the best way to learn.

Practice your English a little everyday. Speaking the language is what will allow it to become a part of you.

Talk to English speakers. Spend time with English speakers and communicate with them using the vernacular. Not only will you be practicing your own speaking skills but you’ll be picking up nuances they might have learned along the way.

Start from the basic – Learn to speak English systematically. Do not attempt to learn sentences, whether they are long or short. Always learn the letters, numbers, short words and then move to bigger word chunks and sentences. Though all this may take time, it will be beneficial in the long run. You may be tempted to read short sentences or paragraphs but it is advisable to control this urge. The initial excitement will die if you try to learn important words and phrases too early. Let some things remain for the later days of learning. This will keep the eagerness alive and you will feel involved in the process of learning.

When you take a free online course in English, set targets for yourself. This could be for a week or two and when you accomplish your goal in that length of time, give yourself a treat for a job well done. One thing about learning English grammar is that you shouldn’t let it overwhelm you. Understanding the rules of grammar is the key to being able to speak and write the language effectively.”

Teaching Form and Meaning. Teaching communicatively is closely connected with situation context. By that I mean, teachers can contextualize language and ask learners to practice responses which would be a) realistic ways of performing useful communicative acts and b) situations they might expect to encounter at some time. This makes language learning more relevant and useful. when encouraging students to use the correct forms in communicative teaching, errors are seen as natural to the learning process and are corrected only when studying grammar. When teaching function meaning, teachers relate the language (structural forms of the language) to external reality such as a concrete situation or a picture or personal knowledge. For example, teachers can relate going to the movie with learners’ likes and dislikes:

It depends on your age. Younger people learn new languages more quickly than older people. Experts usually say that it is best to learn a new language before you are 12 years old, but don’t worry; you can still learn a new language if you are over 12 years old. It will probably just take you a little longer to learn.

Do not make it boring – The learning process should be exciting and interesting. If you get bored, you will lose interest. In order to keep yourself involved try to listen to English music. Music has a universal touch and whether you understand the language or no, it will uplift your mood. In fact, it can also inspire you to learn the lyrics of the song. This can indirectly build your interest in the language.

A combination of these English learning methods will be effective as well. You can take a summer course while staying with a home-stay host family and then arranging for private tutoring during the school year. Making an effort to use your new language skills regularly in social situations will improve your progress regardless of the program or course you are using.”

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